About Us

At Michael's Tutors, we want to provide families with the best service to inspire students and implement solutions to academic challenges. Our vision is to empower every student to achieve academic excellence and beyond. We are dedicated in continuously improving our services and enhancing families' experiences for the overall benefit of students.


Our Values

Keeping our students and their families at our core, we stand by these values:

  • Creating an environment that is welcoming and nurturing.

  • Connecting with integrity, dignity, and respect.

  • Providing the best service possible, holding ourselves accountable for results.

Our Approach

We use a modern-day approach to tutoring depending on the needs of the student. We are here to help our students complete their homework, study for tests, write essays, etc.  All of tutors are experienced professionals and have mastered the material they teach. However, our main focus is to teach students how to learn, not what to learn because their teachers already do that. Every student is different, and each one deserves the opportunity to discover their own learning method.  

During the first couple of sessions, we evaluate the student and develop a personalized lesson plan to help them achieve their academic goals. Throughout the process, their tutor will teach them several skills and strategies that makes learning fun and concepts easy to understand. With understanding comes passion. By the end, our students will have developed a passion for learning, 


Meet Our Founder

Founder: Michael Arriaga

          "Hi, I'm Michael. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended a local elementary school. Throughout the years, I gained recognition from my teachers and principal for my outstanding performance on standardized tests. With the support from my family, I was able to attend Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades Charter High School, two of the top public schools in the state of California. Since attending elementary school, I have always excelled academically, making education a priority for myself and hoping to inspire others. 


          While growing up, I developed a passion for teaching and helping other students succeed. I would always help my friends and family members complete their schoolwork, study for exams, etc. Since 2015, I am a private tutor myself. I tutor in different subject areas, including Mathematics, English, and Spanish. I recently graduated from California Lutheran University, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and minoring in Political Science. Due to the academic challenges that arose with COVID-19, I began offering my own tutoring services, and I recruited other experienced professionals to join me, which led to the launch of Michael's Tutors."